Las Vegas The Strange

General,Las Vegas October 21, 2010 3:58 pm

Las Vegas is a strange place, for many a reason more than the obvious.

Looking down from your hotel window you’re likely to see a tropical pool, palm trees, deckchairs, swim up bars… men and women laying in the sun, working on their tans. You could be forgiven for thinking that you were at a beach resort in California, or Mexico, or Thailand, or Australia…

But you’re not. You’re in the middle of a desert. A big, bad, flat, hot, plane of dirt with no beaches and no water for miles.

You can observe the common sentiments, like that Las Vegas is a place of excess. Where everything is taken to the extreme. Past normal. Into the ridiculous.

But it’s more than that.

Where normally, a hotel is a place you go to sleep, to stay in a town in order to see all the parts of it, in Vegas, the hotel IS the town. The hotel IS the attraction. That’s what you’re there to see. There is nothing else.

And somehow it IS an attraction. It IS attractive. They’ve done it.

You walk from one hotel to the next in perpetual amazement. Amazement that the casinos are so big, amazement at the amount of flashing lights, amazement at how much money is being spent, amazement at a half naked burlesque dancer with a meter high headress of feathers walking around in a public place. But maybe most of all, amazement that an entire city has been constructed seemingly for the sole purpose of… amazing you!

As strange as Vegas is however; as weird as the contrasts and the contradictions and the insanity all is; you can’t help but enjoy it. It forces you to love it. There’s a very small number of ways you can NOT have a good time there.

Whatever you like is there, in it’s extreme form. If you like food, if you like sight seeing, if you like movies or music, or theater or dance… or if you just like interesting places to get drunk and party, Vegas is surely the place to be.

You go from pre-dinner drinks at a crazy Mexican bar on the strip with cheap Margaritas and random 80’s music, to dinner at a fancy restaurant where you eat 6 courses including rich home made meatballs, gourmet pastas and for desert (prepare yourself…) deep fried Oreos topped with sugar and dipped in Vanilla thickshake. You head from a quick flirt with the slot machines, to an extravagant musical production where fake elephants walk down the aisles and men dressed as deer prance lifelike across a stage, to a rooftop pool bar with promo models handing out free Scotch tasters, back to a desert bar to end the night with triple chocolate crepes topped with brownie pieces, hot runny fudge and a mountain of chocolate whipped cream to…

You see what I mean?

By the end of your time there, you’ll be exhausted. You’ll have eaten too much, drunk too much, spent too much, seen too much, and done too much. But you will feel like a rockstar. You will have had a blast.

Vegas is a strange place. Kind of like that strange uncle who has the weird hair, the alternative views and will talk to you about sex before your parents will. He’s so out there, but he’s kinda your favorite. He’s super fun, but in small doses.

He IS crazy, but you love him. That’s Vegas.

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