The Bus To Banaue – Be Careful!

Banaue October 26, 2009 9:30 am

I wanted to write a special post just on GETTING to Banaue on the bus, because as you’re about to learn, it’s not your average bus trip.

We did a LOT of research on this trip, both online and asking various locals around Manila about getting to Banaue and we never seemed to get a clear picture of what we needed to do to get there. So having made the journey I’ve put together some of the most important points you need to take note of if you’re considering doing the same…

First things first…

The cost is really cheap so you don’t need to worry about getting the best deal. We paid $18 each return… for a 9 hour trip. Ahhh how we love PI πŸ™‚

You need to take the bus from a small station in Manila. The most reliable we found was “Autobus” BUT what we realized only after getting there is that the advertised bus terminal thats listed on the websites has actually MOVED. It took us one crazy taxi trip across town in the middle of a busy Manila night including a couple of near death experiences, a yelling match with our taxi driver, and a last minute trike ride to a different street by a random local to actually FIND the real bus terminal.

So here’s the address as listed:

Auto Bus Terminal: EspaΓ±a Blvd corner G. Tolentino St., Manila. The bus leaves at 10 PM daily and arrives at about 7AM.

The time it leaves is right but the rest is not. Have the taxi driver take you to that area and just leave in plenty of time to get out and ask locals where the NEW “Autobus” terminal is. I wish we’d written down the street name for you but we were so rushed and frantic that we didn’t have the peace of mind to do so.

The bus trip to Banaue is 9 hours through the night. It was a tad draining because the bus wasn’t the best, the air conditioning was incessant and too cold, and the seats reclined juuuust enough for you to THINK you might be able to get comfortable before crushing your dreams of any form of decent sleep.

autobus1Another tip, don’t even try to get the back seat so you can lie right down, it won’t help. The back seat is reserved for the driver to sleep after he rotates with another driver half way through the trip. We found this out after being kicked out of our comfortable sleeping position after mistakenly thinking that the back seat was a free for all.

But don’t let me discourage you, this is all part of the experience, and when you get to Banaue it’ll be hard to argue that the trip wasn’t worth every minute of it.

When you’re leaving Banaue to come back to Manila things are much easier. You go to the one terminal in Banaue where you entered and await the bus that by memory leaves twice daily, once in the morning and once in the afternoon.

Now go forth and enjoy the beauty of Banaue equipped with these tips.

Hope you enjoyed!

Author: Andrew Hansen


  • Xever Aisha

    Im goin up there in Banaue alone, this Nov.27-Dec.1

    u think it’ll be ok? im gonna find a place to stay there when ig et there…itll be easy? or maybe in the afternnon,,
    ill ride a jeeo and go to Sagada…u didnt go there?
    more caves, terraces and trekk…and water falls :p

    do i need to make ticket reservation? im just alone though.. πŸ™‚


  • How far Banaue to the Mt.Province.If I will start in Baguio how much longer to reach My. province and to Banaue

  • The trip to Banaue from Baguio will take some 8 hours. 6 hours to Sagada via Halsema Highway (and that road is constantly being repaired and traffic is horrendous at times) and another two hours to Banaue from Sagada. Both areas are the best and offer several inexpensive options for overnight stay. Enjoy your trip :)) Happy backpacking!

  • Andrew and Elysia

    Thanks Michael. Some one told us when we were there that the trip from Banaue to Baguio was more like 5 hours… lucky we didn’t trust them on that one! Thanks for the tips.


  • Aside from Autobus GV Florida Transport has a bus to Banawe departing from its Sampaloc Station. Check out

  • I took the bus from Sagada (GL or Lizardo) at 700 am, below the St. Joseph’s Inn, near the town hall. Fare was about P250.00. It went via Bontoc, and reached Baguio 1:15 pm with stops in between. The bus is older model than the normal provincial buses but it wasn’t really problem for me. The Halsema Highway (is that what it’s called?) is well, hair raising, with spectacular views. You will catch more terraces in the mountains beyond Bontoc.

  • Helene

    Hi! I have a lot of difficulty to find out at what time the bus arrive to Manila from Banaue (night travel). Could someone help me, please!

  • Andrew and Elysia

    As I recall we left Banaue at about 9am – early morning. Arrived back to Manila mid evening – 6-7pm or so. But double check this as it might have changed since we were there in 2008.

  • Andrew et al, according to Google Maps and Wikimapia, the “new” Autobus terminal is currently located at Sergio H. Loyola St corner of F. Cayco. Here’s a link to Google Maps with the exact longitude and latitude.,120.992732

    We’ll be heading there tomorrow night. I’ve hand-drawn a map just in case. Wish us luck πŸ˜‰

  • It was almost too prescient for words, but when we arrived at the corner of Loyola St and Cayco, there was no Autobus to be found. Instead it appeared that Florida was there. After circling around a bit and asking some locals who didn’t have a clue, we just went back to Florida, who had two buses leaving for Banaue, one at 9:10 and one at 10:45. We got tickets for the 9:10 bus, only 400 pesos each. Of course the bus showed up late, so we didn’t head out until 9:50. Arrived in Banaue at 6:30 in the morning. Air-con and Kenny Rogers blasting the whole way.

    We also discovered that there were no longer any buses leaving in the morning from Banaue, so we had to sleep on the bus again two days later, but this time leaving at 6pm, and arriving in Manila at 4am!

    It was rough getting there and back, and I wished we’d had a little more wiggle room in our schedule to spend an additional day or two just wandering around, but it was totally worth it.

  • Andrew and Elysia

    Ohh noo! That sucks man – we had almost exactly the same thing happen but luckily one such local DID know where it is and gave us a ride in his trike to it! Thanks for sharing your experience as well, this is really helpful.


  • Raizia

    There is Ohayami Bus the one and only LEGAL bus that is plying the Banaue_manila_banaue route. Why legal? because they have Franchise from the Land and Transportation Regulatory Board, a very important document that both Autobus and Florida are lacking..In short Autobus and Florida are both out of line buses…Autobus are now mini-buses..and i don’t think it will give much comfort to foreigners with big legs or body since the seats are so tight. Ohayami and Florida are both big and aircon buses but they differ in fare rate..Ohayami is cheaper..but service is the same..what is an Ifugao-owned bus can start the feel of being in Ifugao by actually riding the bus since most employees are Ifugaos.

  • jo-ann

    i heard that you need to get a gude for the tours there? did you get one? or was everything just a just do it yourself travel like asking locals or having a map for directions when you got there? thanks. planning to go there this april and i’m researching all the things that i’d need.

  • Andrew and Elysia

    Hi Jo

    Sorry for the delay.

    We did it all ourselves but there are lots of locals around the town offering to take you to the different spots so if you want one there will be no shortage finding them!

    Hope you have an amazing time πŸ™‚ Try the pizza at Simon’s Inn (99% sure that is the right name).

  • oh my goodness this is what i call an unplanned trip! hahaha to bad for you man you missed a lot of things, first thing there is a bus ride going to banaue before and its actually a good bus named FLORIDA Lines but unfortunately that bus company pulled out coz of the bridge being repaired there. next there is also another bus going to banaue it is the OHAYAMI bus which is no really popular but it is also good, another alternate route going to banaue is thru baguio. there are lots of options if you plan to go round the mountain province you just have to ask the right people!!.. next time try to ask Dept. of Transportation or Dept. of Tourism for better info

  • Emily Graw

    Where is the Ohayami bus depot located in Manila?

  • boyanci

    AH Lacson St., Corner J.Fajardo

    09276493055 manila booking office; 09175060817 lagawe booking office

    email address :

  • Sound like typical problems in the Philippines. Trying to find a business, trying to find a street, trying to find an address. Try to find current information online, maybe you will if you are fortunate. Businesses really need websites no matter what country; web sites where information is kept up-to-date.

    Philippines is a beautiful country and the vast majority of people there are very courteous and friendly.

  • hanan

    me and my friends are gonna go in banaue but we dont have a clue where to stay or what to ride so can you please help me were going on jan 25 maybe just a over night or two nights…where can we stay a good price but a good place?

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