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Pancake House: Old Town Vallarta

I’m one of those people for whom breakfast is my favorite meal of the day. I’d have no qualms eating breakfast meals (like eggs benedict) for either breakfast, lunch, OR dinner. Thus it was to our delight to discover what is apparently “the oldest ONLY breakfast restaurant” in Puerto Vallarta… the Pancake House located on Basilio Badillo, about 4 blocks back from the beach in old town Vallarta. It really doesn’t take many words to sum up the awesomeness of the Pancake House, to which we’ve returned already on 2 consecutive Sunday mornings with plans to make it 3. It’s […]

La Bufa, Jalisco: The Drive, The Mountain And More

La Bufa, Jalisco: The Drive, The Mountain And More

I often tell Elysia how I think driving is one of my innate skills at life. I continue by bragging that I’ve driven in 6 different countries, both sides of the road, manual (stick) and automatic, off road and on. Nonetheless, the drive from San Sebastian Del Oeste, up the mountain to La Bufa (one of the highest points in Mexico), in our tiny 4 cylinder rental car proved to be not only my most challenging drive, but one of our favorite adventures of all time. Fortunately we were lucky enough to find ourselves the night before getting shamefully drunk […]

The ONLY Indian Restaurant In Puerto Vallarta

I don’t mean like, the only one worth going to, I mean… the only one period. As you might have already seen, Elysia and I are freaks for Indian food. We’ve eaten Indian food from Manila to Montreal. We love it. Because of this, we were disappointed to learn that in the whole of Puerto Vallarta, there was not one single Indian restaurant to satisfy our cravings. That was, until about a week ago. As fate would have it, while checking out our soon to be new apartment in the Old Town Vallarta area, we saw the sign for “Casa […]

The CN Tower Restaurant: A Tourist’s View

In an earlier entry, I wrote about the CN tower. I wrote that if you’re going to the CN tower, it’s either to do the tourist thing and see the exhibitions, or to hit the restaurant that sits at the tower’s top. This post is about that restaurant. Where to start when discussing the CN Tower’s restaurant? Firstly, it’s important to know that you’re not just making the journey 500 meters into the air to eat at a fast food joint. The CN tower restaurant is “posh”; a combination of wealthy tourists, and wealthy locals showing their less wealthy touristing […]

The CN Tower Experience

For some reason, alot of the local Torontonian’s we met during our stay in Toronto didn’t have much respect for the old CN Tower. Though famous world wide, we constantly met locals seemingly ambivalent towards the poor tower. They either: 1. Had flat out never even been there. 2. Hadn’t been there in forever and had no desire to go. 3. Referred to it only when mentioning it’s shape as being similar to (in combination with the adjacent Rogers Center) the male genitalia. or 4. Referred to it when joking that it was only the tallest tower for that time […]