El Torito: Watch UFC In Puerto Vallarta!

Puerto Vallarta February 23, 2010 4:05 am

I’m a big UFC fan, and when we arrived in Puerto Vallarta, I spend considerable time, alot of it unsuccessful, searching for a place in the town that I could be sure showed the monthly events.

It was this that lead me to, finally, come across El Torito Sports Bar. But whether you’re a UFC fan, or a sports fan of any kind, you might do well to give El Torito a look.

El Torito is located in Old Town Vallarta, on Ignacio L. Vallarta, just before where it intersects with Venustiano Carranza. Centrally located, any bus moving south through the down town area should take you almost right to it’s doorstep.

If you’re looking for a sports bar, you’re probably wanting a few things:

1. You want plenty of TV’s so that where ever you’re sitting you’ve got a good view of the game/fight. El Torito is a small bar and relative to it’s size, the number of TV’s is good. It’s got 2 main bigger TV’s, about 47 inch at a guess, and about 4 smaller ones located around the bar. We had a reserved seat right in front of the bigger TV (for the perfect experience, call for a reservation as the bar fills up at popular events) but it seemed for sure that anywhere you were seated would have offered a great view.

2. You want a decent, oversized, deliciously unhealthy meal. El Torito serves up a range of pub food favorites, from the apparently famous BBQ Ribs (which were actually a bit average) to the slightly more unique Jumbo Shrimp stuffed with ham and cheese and wrapped in bacon! Truth be told, while the selection was good, the food was nothing spectacular (though I regret not trying those shrimp!) but not unpleasing, and certainly hearty enough for the occasion.

3. Cheap Beer. Tick! Grab a liter jug for 40 pesos or if you fancy a cocktail, a 2 litre jug of Margherita and I’m sure you’ll be satisfied.

4. A bit of atmosphere! The whole appeal of watching an event at a public place is sharing the ups and downs of the game with a host of other drunk, screaming fans around you. When we first arrived at El Torito at 8:30pm it was a little quiet, but by the time the event got underway it was a full house – mostly tourists of all kinds loudly cheering on their fighter of choice.

While I can’t say I’ve visited another sports bar in Vallarta yet, let alone one that shows the UFC events, I can definitely say we’d go back to El Torito.


  • thanks so much man, i was figuring out how i was gonna watch UFC 111 St Pierre Hardy over spring break. THIS REALLY HELPED!

  • Andrew and Elysia

    Dude, we’ll be watching UFC 111 at El Torito – see you there!


  • Do you know if they will have the versus fight, I NEED TO SEE BONES JONES, schaub, irvin, and dos santos kick some ass!

  • Kevin

    Good to hear others are interested in watching the fights, anyone heading up there from Canada?

  • David

    I will be there for the fights on October 8th and I have also been to El Torito several other times to watch sports. I was hoping they would have the fights and I am looking forward to visiting them again two weeks from today. Great review. Very accurate.

  • Andrew and Elysia

    Sorry for the delayed response but yes we LOVED El Torito 🙂

    Great staff, awesome cocktails and deliciously naughty food!

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