Terralta Bucerias: Tips On Renting Or Buying

Bucerias February 16, 2010 1:14 am

Terralta, BuceriasIf you’re thinking of coming to Puerto Vallarta and in particular Bucerias for an extended stay or to retire and live permanently, the estate called Terralta is one you should certainly consider. In fact most westerners who live at Bucerias, can be found residing at Terralta 1, 2 or 3.

Terralta is located at the Northern end of the town of Bucerias. It’s position gives it an advantage in that it’s still only a couple of minutes from the center of Bucerias but it’s also closer to towns further north such as La Cruz and Punta de Mita. It’s an area that’s quite though still frequented by westerners, only far less than you’ll find in down town Vallarta. The other advantage to the area is that being out of the main Puerto Vallarta area, on the north shore of the bay, prices to rent and to buy are much cheaper.

The complex is divided up into 4 sections, Terralta 1, 2, 3 and another area called Los Amores.

The area has mostly all the amenities you’ll need pretty close by. For example:

1. For most of your shopping needs, you’ll head to the MEGA mart (just like Walmart) just down the highway. The bus ride is about 7 minutes, and costs 6 pesos or 50 cents USD.

2. Beach. Of course! About 3 minutes walk from the front of Terralta is a great quiet stretch of beach with multiple beachfront bars and restaurants.

3. In a complex at the very front of the estate, 5 minutes walk from basically any apartment in Terralta, there’s a center with a bakery, Tower Pizza, about 3 restaurants including a great sushi place, a gym, a pharmacy, and a number of furniture outlets, as well as a 24 hour OXXO convenience store.

4. Anything else you need (generally not much) you can get from the Liverpool mall or the Sam’s Walmart across from the Marina in downtown Vallarta. The bus ride is about 40 minutes and costs $1 USD.

Here’s what you need to know as a buyer, before finding the perfect place in Terralta.

Terralta, Bucerias1. At the moment (as of 2010) there are a lot of places available in Terralta. Despite what real estate agents or owners tell you, it’s a renters market, particularly after the financial crisis of 08/09. IF you’re looking, make sure you shop around.

2. If you speak spanish or have a friend that does, you’ll be at a tremendous advantage. It’s easy to find places either furnished or unfurnished in Terralta, and they are available either through real estate agents or the owners privately. Many of the private owners who are looking to rent the apartment out, only have small signs on their windows, so you can go and collect phone numbers and do some investigation. It might take a little longer but it could save you considerably over the long term. If you don’t speak Spanish, you can still get a great deal through a real estate agent in the area.

3. The majority of places available are in Terralta 2 and Terralta 3. While both of these are nice and very livable, Terralta 3 has generally nicer houses that are a little bigger and it also has a Palapa (that offers free WiFi internet) and a communal pool. Terralta 2 is still nice but a little cheaper and none of the additionals of T3.

4. Prices. Prices in Terralta vary considerably based on a number of factors but the main one is:

Furnished or Unfurnished (of course). For a furnished place you can expect to pay from about 6000 to 9000 pesos depending on exactly what furniture is available. That works out to about $500 to $800 USD per month. Of course for unfurnished you can pick up places from 4500 peso’s and up.

Terralta, Bucerias5. Maintenance: All apartments come with a compulsory fee of about 300 pesos for garden fees and security.

6. Check with the owner whether your place has a phone line already installed. If it does, you’ll be able to get your phone service and internet set up cheaper and more easily. If not, things will take a couple of weeks longer and depending on the length of your stay.

7. Utilities. These often vary between apartments so check with the owner. Usually you’ll have to pay gas (apartments have a gas heater that you need to light up 10-20 minutes before you want to use hot water) and electric, with water included but again, check with the real estate agent or owner.

8. Sales office at the front. At the front of the complex is a little caravan. Despite the fact that they’re obviously in business, trying to make sales and get renters of their own, the girls in here speak great English and can be helpful for the start of your search.

That’s about all.

From our personal view, Terralta is a great place to live. It’s close enough to everything you need and yet still quiet enough for you to relax. If you’re thinking about moving to Terralta and have questions, feel free to ask us!


  • Michael Murphy

    If you are looking for rentals or to buy checkout my website. I do not handle rentals personally but can direct you to someone especially if you are looking at Terralta 3 which has the swimming poools.

  • Andrew and Elysia

    Thanks Michael. Thanks for the heads up.


  • Ramona

    I was just in Bucerias and was told it was possible to find a furnished apartment for @ $600/month. Where could I look to find this and where would I find information on rentals at Terralta 3?

  • Sam Joan

    I would like to see Michael Murphy’s website to check out Terralta rentals with pets (small dog). How do I do that please?

  • Andrew and Elysia

    Hey Ramona,

    You might find it tough to get a furnished place in Terralta 3 for that price but in Terralta 2 it’s possible. The place we’re in now is furnished and about that price 🙂

    If you need, let me know and I can put you in contact with someone 🙂


  • I am looking for such a rental, near the beach that will accept my 8 year old golden retriever neutered dog and also has air conditioning in private laundry facilities………..can I find this at Teralta……..????

    thank you

  • Andrew and Elysia

    There were alot of dog owners in the estate so I’m sure that will be fine. Each place has it’s own washing machine and clothesline facilities at the back but they are outdoors, so no air conditioning. Having said that if you don’t want to use the machine in your home, there’s a “Lavanderia” where you can get your clothes washed and dried right at the front of the Terralta 2/3 estate – 5 minute walk at most from your place in Terralta. Hope that helps!

  • Everardo

    I am renting some furnished new homes in Los Amores. These houses are brand new and fully equipped washer- dryer/ A/C, etc.
    Short-term and long-term rentals
    No pets
    Feel free to contact me in case you are interested.

  • Mrs. JoAnne Springer

    I do Have a six lb very well trained maltess. My husband and I are very clean and neat. We are in our sixty’s. Let me know if you are interested in sending pictures.

  • curtis funk

    looking to rent a condo for the month of january 2011. arrival date january 1,2011 departure date january 31,2011. looking for a 2 bedroom for sure. please let me know of any available. thank

  • Michaelangelo

    Hola amigo, I’m looking to rent a villa at Terralta 3 arrival december 5 2010 departure february 10 looking for two bedrooms and furnished, no pets, and we ( me and my wife) are quiet, no party Thanks for your answer

  • Mel Hughes


    I am looking for an unfurnished 3 bedroom apartment preferably in the area of terralta that has acess to a swimming pool. My 15 year old daughter starts at Bucerias High school this month and so I am ready to move if the right apartment is available at the right price. I am not that familiar with the complex and would appreciate information on prices, availability and what is available for a long term rental while she starts and finishes high school. Any information would be helpful


  • jason conolly

    hello all, i own casa cosita in terralta 2 which is available for rental. 3 bed, 2.5 bath. this home is one of the largest units in the complex with its own private pool, and large patio in the courtyard, and a full rooftop solarium deck. this is very nice and private compared to the comunal pools and patios of t3. the house is fully furnished, profesionally designed, has ceiling fans and a/c in all rooms, and has washer/dryer. we are also a pet friendly home (for well mannered animals) if anyone is interested please let me know. i will be there dec-jan, and the home is already rented for feb-mar, but can be rented weekly or monthly before or after.



  • Marika Petri


    Family of 4 looking to rent a place from mid Nov until end of March.
    We are familiar with the area and love it!

    Hope to hear from you!
    Marika and David

  • Jean Labrecque


    i search a appartement with furnisher..and stuff for cooking…1 room 1 leaving room….1 kitchen…and a bsalcon….please or little house..

    teralta 2 or 3..

    ready to pay 500$$$ 600$$$ and around

    please…i will be in bucerias january 6….

    and i want for a deal for a month..to 6 february

    or from january 23 to 23 january 2011

    do you thing it is possible???

    thank Jean


  • wendy

    Looking for furnished rental las amores or terralta 3 for Jan 1-31/2012

  • Lauren

    Hello all, I was at Terralta last week and there are many properties to rent. I could not get into many as I just drove through. I am seeking a year long rental beginning on May 1, furnished with phone line for $450-$500 per month. I saw 2 that were in this price range. To rent to one person for this price is a great deal for the owner- little wear and tear on the unit. Please contact me if you know of something. Thanks!

  • Tracy

    I own and operate a local rental business in the Puerto Vallarta area and we have several rentals in the Terralta and Los Amores neighborhoods available for rent. Please contact me if you are looking for a rental.

    Kind regards,

    Find us on Facebook: PV Paradise Rentals

  • Alex Feldman

    I am looking to rent a house in Terralta II for February 19 to March 3 I have $500 budget for the two weeks, let me know if you have a place or know anyone who has.

    Thank You

    (902)892-7661 Prince Edward Island, Canada

  • Andrew and Elysia

    Hi Alex

    Unfortunately we’re not still in PV but we found our second place (not in Bucerias but more downtown) on Craigslist. Craigslist
    also have more “holiday rental” type places whereas Terralta II is more of a long term rental spot.

    Hope that helps 🙂

  • We have a 4 year-old 3 bedroom, 2.5 bathroom townhouse in Terralta II, for rent. There is an ocean view from the roof terrace of the house with sun lounge and dining cabana. It is elegantly furnished as a turnkey vacation rental including air conditioning in every room, built-in constant pressure water system, broadband Wi-Fi internet connection and Sky-dish TV available, DVD player, CD audio stereo system, fully equipped kitchen and table settings, queen beds and all linens. We are looking for a long-term renter, 6 months minimum $800/month, 12+ months $650/month. Please feel free to contact us at extragood@hotmail.com

  • Melinda

    Hi, we are a retired couple living in PV but very interested in moving to Bucerias this spring/summer. We have a very well behaved dog, 16 kilos, that doesn’t even bark. We would like a six month rental with the possibility of renewing, and are hoping to find something around 5000 0r 6000MN. Thank you, Melinda

  • We are a retired couple seeking furnished accommodation for October 15, 2012 through April 15, 2013. Around the 7000 pesos/month range, if possible. Contact celosia58@yahoo.com

  • Andrew and Elysia

    Good luck Celosia! 🙂 Hopefully someone will see this and get in touch with you. I’m sure you will LOVE Bucerias 🙂

  • Nancy and Brian

    Do you happen to know if the Terralta 3 allows access to their pools for those renting at Terralta 1 & 2? If so, do they charge a fee? Thank you.

  • Xavier


    we have furnished house in Terralta III (circuito Coral) available for rent

    3bedrooms, 2.5 bathrooms, A/C & ceiling fans in every room, fully equipped kitchen, service patio w/ washing machine,2 cars parking

    Cluster amenities include 24/7 private security & controlled entrances, green areas, pool with palapa and outdoor BBQ

    house is pet-friendly

    rent price is 8000 pesos (approx. $600CAD) and include water, maintenance and security fee only.

    Payment forms accepted: cash, credit card or Paypal

    long term rents welcome!

    for more information and pictures contact us at homeinbucerias@gmail.com

    For Nancy & Brian: people from Terralta I and II cannot access pools in Terralta III clusters

  • Nancy and Brian

    Thanks for the reply, Xavier, I sent you an email. Hope to hear from you.

  • Nancy and Brian

    We are a retired Canadian couple with 3 small, older Miniature Pinscher dogs looking for a two-bedroom rental in either Terralta I, II, or III. Really would prefer a pool no matter how small 🙂 Fenced yard would be nice too. We are clean, quiet and non-smokers. Our rental budget is up to $10000MXN. Email us at nanbri@telus.net if you have a rental for us to consider.

  • Marjorie Sands

    Looking for 3 month rental (January – March 2013). One bedroom or studio furnished. One person. Can pay $500 (US)/month.

  • Brenda McAughey

    I would like a rental from Dec. 1st or Jan 1st to March 31st. I am by myself and have a 5 lb Yorkshire Terrier that is with me at all times. I definitely would need access to a pool. Do you have anything available? (2012-2013) If I am very happy, could turn into a long, long term rental!!

    Thank you


  • Norm Hansen

    I am looking to rent a place in Terralta 3 or 2 for the month of Feb.2013. I have stayed there twice before and liked it very much.

  • Norm Hansen

    Just wanted to give you my e-mail address , hnamron@shaw.ca. I live on Vancouver Island.

  • Bernie Toews

    Retired couple from Winnipeg, Canada wishes to rent a furnished condo with kitchen etc in Bucerias/La Cruz area within 5 minute walk or closer to beach from Jan 12 to 26 and in the Rincon de Guayabitos area from Jan 27 to Feb 23. These dates are somewhat flexible. We need to have parking since we are driving. Price preferably not more than 30.00 USD per night. Internet (or Wi Fi) Air Con preferred but not essential.


  • elaine howardson

    hola, we are a retired couple (non smokers, no pets), we have been snowbirding to Bucerias for the past few years and love it. We are interested in renting long term, appx 4-5 months in Terra Alta 111 or Los Amoras. We need it fully furnished with a washer. We are committed for this year, and are looking for something starting in November in 2013. Please email us if you have something that will be available next season and that we can view this season at ejhowardson@gmail.com

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