Artisan: Coffee With Heart In SW London

London March 16, 2012 11:19 pm

Artisan CoffeeWe stumbled upon this local gem by accident late in 2011. Artisan Coffee opened up on the street we used to live in Londontown and to be honest we entered only because it looked… well… cute! Little did we know, we were about to taste the best coffee we’ve had to date in our 18 months in the UK.

Many visits later (I’ve already redeemed my free coffee via the stamp card if you must know ;-)) and we are still completely and utterly in love with this little coffee haven in the middle of Putney in SW London.

Here’s what you can expect from a visit to Artisan Coffee…

As you approach Artisan from the sidewalk you’ll spot a sign that sums up everything for the coffee lover in us all (picture on the left). Yep. You’re tempted already aren’t you!

Next up you’ll open the door and be hit with the most enticing aroma of fresher than fresh coffee beans – a smell never matched by your average chain cafe *cough Starbucks* that you find on every corner.

Artisan Coffee, PutneyMy sister came with us recently and said the scent immediately transported her back to the boutique cafes of inner-city Auckland which is funny because the shop is run by Kiwis which you’ll spot from a mile away because of 1) the accent 2) the beyond-friendly greeting you’ll experience at the counter and 3) the selection of ridiculously tempting homemade cakes that remind you of family get-togethers back in the land of the long white cloud.


The Artisan Coffee people say the following about the story behind their drool-worthy drinks: “We source our freshly roasted beans from Allpress Espresso, a specialist London based roaster and offer their signature blend of Brazil, Sumatran, Columbian and Guatemalan origins, roasted in the classic Milanese style”. I’m not big on “blends” and “roasting style” but whatever it means it is WORKING and in a big way.

Artisan CoffeeYou can pick up a large cappuccino for around £2.50 (huge by normal cafe standards) and they bring it right to your table along with any of the delectable treats you may have selected.

Speaking of which, your seating options are stools at the corner bar, a huge wooden plank-style table with bench seating for larger groups or sweet mini tables paired with seats covered in the leftover coffee bean bag fabric.


The crowd is a heart-warming mix of what Andrew and I like to call “the SW mummy crowd”, corporates meeting with colleagues/clients, hipsters on their iphones with sketchpad in tow and then… well, us… an admittedly nerdy couple searching for a great cup of coffee, a decent vibe and somewhere with a bit of heart in a city of Starbucks and Costa chains.

We have definitely found that in Artisan.

Artisan CoffeeOur personal favorites from their menu include:
– The beyond delish Cappuccino  (Andrew is not even a huge cappuccino drinker but he LOVES it too)
– The heart breakingly rich and moist raspberry and white chocolate brownie
– Any of their fresh deli-style sandwiches but in particular  the brie/proscuitto/pesto combo
– The HUGE portion of tiered carrot cake goodness

Basically, you cannot go wrong with Artisan. Go there, drink there, eat there and leave with a smile like we have every single time.

PS: Excuse the less-than-awesome photos today, I only had my phone with me for photo opps.

You’ll find them on Upper Richmond Road about a 10 min walk from the East Putney Underground station and a 5 minute walk from the Putney Overland Station.

For more info on Artisan Coffee please check out their website or their new Facebook page

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