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Folegandros & The Craziest “Restaurant” We’ve Ever Eaten At

“So… what do you cook?”, I ask; a question that has never before been the beginning of a dining experience for me. I ask it instead of “Do you have a menu?” because the answer there seems obvious. That was the start of our first meal on Folegandros. It started in a van, being driven by Yanis, making our way along the main “highway” of the island of Folegandros. We’re quietly traversing rolling hills and easing around gentle mountain curves. You don’t easily lose sight of the ocean as you drive. Folegandros is small.

Daydreaming of Chania

It’s been 2 months since we left, and still I daydream about Hania. Yes, that’s the same Hania where I shattered my elbow. The same Hania where I spent 2 days in hospital. The same Hania where a confident surgeon botched my operation and at least doubled the time it will take me to recover from an already serious injury. And yet the scenes of those quiet old streets still glisten in my memory. Hania is spellbinding. I’m not sure a place has ever had such an effect on me. From the moment we arrived, we knew there was something […]