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Andrew and Elysia HansenThe short version?

We are a Kiwi (Elysia) and Aussie (Andrew) pair of newlyweds with a soul-stirring obsession for travel. We love exploring new places, meeting interesting characters, eating anything and everything and drinking good, good, good wine along the way. Oh, and we take our work with us – thanks to a sturdy laptop and a solid internet connection.

The long version? Read away…


Andrew and I began traveling the world together early in 2008, starting with my homeland of New Zealand. That trip quickly snowballed into another adventure through Malaysia and the Philippines which then turned into a relatively premature decision to 1) quit university (for me, Andrew had already clued on to that one), 2) start a business online (again Andrew was already a few steps ahead on that one) and 3) move to the other side of the world to start a more global exploration.


We first settled in Montreal (via London, Rome and Naples) where we delighted in the knee-deep snow around every corner (a novelty for an Aussie/Kiwi pair), ate our way through the inner-city restaurants, failed to pick up any decent French (still a point of embarrassment today) and generally let the travel bug sink it’s mythical teeth further into our souls.


We spent the first few months of our Canadian year taking full advantage of the sudden access to the US of A. Trips to DC, NYC (*harps playing, angels dancing*), Tampa and Orlando followed in quick succession. We dipped our toes into the Mexican pool during this time too with a surprise birthday trip to the hardly-Mexican destination of Cancun.


After the snow began to thaw in Montreal we jumped on a plane with several hundred dollars worth of excess baggage to Toronto, our next home. We carried out the rest of 2009 relishing the inner city Toronto life in our apartment on Bay and Bloor, eating our way through the many note-worthy restaurants and of course drinking the night away with friendly Ontarian folk – of which there were many!


One evening at Aji Sai (Yonge & Bloor, all you can eat sushi, amazing) we were discussing our next move when the option of Mexico came up. There and then, whilst eating the most superb cucumber and avocado sushi I’ve had to date, we decided that if we could, we would. And that we did.


In January 2010 after a trip home to visit the family in Australia, a second London fortnight and a blisteringly cold Parisian soiree we touched down in Puerto Vallarta for what would become one of the most memorable and heart warming experiences of our life.


We quickly settled in to Mexican life. Drinking far too often, eating far too much and blissfully developing a tan I don’t think either of us will ever replicate again. Of course we were both working in between all of this debauchery but there was something soul-soothing about the simplicity of the Puerto Vallarta life that made all the work fade into oblivion. Visits from friends from as far as NZ and as close as California helped past the first part of the year along with some exploration of the some of the gems of Mexico’s western coastline.


August 2010 called for a stop back home in Australia and a second trip to our much-loved NYC. Although this trip was to be different… On a sunny summer morning in Central Park, Andrew knelt down next to the Bethesda Fountain and asked me to marry him. My favourite man, in my favourite city. What could be better than that? But where was I, oh yes… Mexico.


We returned to Mexico, “engaged” relationship status in tow, and started plotting our next move. While we LOVED Mexico so much we had a nagging feeling that we were getting sucked into a bit of retiree-worthy bubble and were being called to get back to the real world and speed up the pace.


And then there was… London. For the past 18 months Andrew and I have done what we (and our families) didn’t think was possible… We’ve “stayed put”… kinda. We’ve found ourselves a home here in the land of pints, clouds, bad teeth and royal weddings and still to date have zero plans to move on. With family down the road, work stimulation galore, a city you could never finish exploring and Europe beckoning us around ever corner we feel we have found our little nook in this big, wide world.


But “settled” is still not quite in our vocabulary. We spent 2011 skiing in France, falling in love with Barcelona, eating (and drinking) our way through Tuscany, getting blown away by the beauty in the Italian Riviera, sunning ourselves in Portugal, getting our traveler badges challenged in Morocco, falling more in love with NYC (round 3) and finally bringing in the new year in Edinburgh.


And now here we are… 2012.


We started off this year a little differently than the rest when we…… got married in Thailand!!!!! 🙂 One February we won’t forget for awhile to come. And this year shows no signs of slowing down with a host of incredible adventures on the agenda including the Greek islands, the French Riviera, NYC (round 4), Berlin/Munich, Costa Rica and more.


Tune in as we try to share all the information we wished we’d had, reviews of places you should (or shouldn’t go) and experiences that are too funny/scary or just plain awesome to keep to ourselves.


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